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Additional education in kindergarten:

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Pipiras and his friend Sraige invite all children to a very fun and interactive education "Childhood Things"

Education is intended for children aged 3-7 years

The character Pipir and his friend Snail participate in the education. During the education, the children are told a dramatized beautiful story about a little boy who grows up his wooden horse and goes to the Kingdom of Pepper. During the education, various interactive tasks are performed, songs are sung together with the children, dancing and many curious things are learned. Did you know that dragonflies are always hungry?

Pipiras and his friend Sraige give the children a small souvenir on their way out. So that the little ones never forget that "We will grow as long as we are curious".

After education, children have the opportunity to purchase Pipiro's book "Childhood Things", where they will find not only a beautiful and meaningful story, but also engaging tasks, Pipiro's alphabet and a beautiful album of memories.

I present the booklet presentation below.

During the special offer for kindergartens - the price of the book is 7 Euros.

The price of the book in bookstores is 19 Euros

The price of education is 2eur/1 person. Education takes about 50 minutes.

I am also attaching a few photos from the presentation of the booklet.

We come to all Lithuanian cities.

email post office
Phone number. 860114426

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Graduation program for all preschoolers. Pipiras and his friend Sraigė are coming to all Lithuanian cities with an engaging and interesting prom program. Together we dance, sing, look for answers to the most curious questions.

Each child is given a gift of memories - a booklet "Childhood things" or a postcard with frames.

Optional as desired.

email post office
Phone number. 860114426