By raising safe and happy children, we teach them to trust the world, other people, and themselves. We tell them we love them ten times a day, and they love back in abundance. When we encourage building relationships, socializing, being communal, do we not forget to show the little ones how important it is to love themselves?

The eternal truth is that children learn by watching us, the parents. Our behavior at home, relationships with others and of course, mom and dad's relationship with themselves. Every monologue that you think only you have heard, personal criticism, intolerance of your features and appearance, .. self-punishment" ( .. I didn't deserve to go out when I made such a fool of myself") can not only be heard, but also captured by small heads. When children hear, let's especially emphasize attention and tolerance for ourselves: let's praise ourselves and be happy for successfully completed projects, let's emphasize and normalize small domestic failures: .. here, I spilled a glass of water, it's okay. Everyone fails sometimes." Share with your child in which areas you are not doing well, emphasizing that you do not stop trying and do not suffer greatly because of it. In this way, the little ones will grow up as if little problems are a natural and normal part of life, but it does not change the fact that we are unique, special and loved.
Unconditional love despite failures, misbehavior, tantrums, etc. allows the child to feel safe and loved, to develop his "inner spine". A child who constantly feels this kind of love from those closest to him will not fall into self-disappointment and the black unripe half of sadness if something fails in the future, but he will understand that if he fails this time, it is worth straightening up and trying to continue. Unconditional love conveys the most important message to a growing person: you don't need to deserve love, it is unchanging and constant, and you are enough.
Affirmations also help a lot to develop self-love as a daily habit. Offer the child to say phrases like: .. I am enough", .. I love myself even when I make mistakes" during the day or before going to bed. .. I treat others the way I want them to treat me." .. The world is a safe place to live" etc. at first this practice will bring a smile, but if you apply these rituals together with the whole family, it will become cozy, value-creating moments.
Love yourself and the world!


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