Have you noticed how fast children grow? Here you just cradled the baby in your arms, here you are already starting to worry that you will soon have to let him go towards a more independent life. As the moment approaches before opening the kindergarten door, everyone is worried: mom, dad, siblings, grandparents. We want to help parents easily find a second home for their little one, surrounded by a friendly environment, wonderful and understanding teachers. We want your little one's eyes to always burn with curiosity, everyday life to be colorful, and a grown-up wooden horse not to scare you so much.

How to choose the first suitable educational institution? What to pay attention to and what criteria should be followed when a child takes those first steps towards an independent life?

We share a few but very important tips on this search path:

Don't choose an educational institution based only on location (just because it's convenient here)

You will probably agree that most parents prefer the kindergarten that is closer to home. The reasons are quite clear: we are all in a hurry and want to waste as little time as possible standing in traffic jams while taking our child to or picking up from kindergarten. However, we forget that the right location will not guarantee the appropriate educational quality of the kindergarten, the qualifications of the staff, or a good and friendly environment. Sometimes it is better to go a few, maybe a dozen kilometers further, but ensure a safe and close environment for the child.

Do not choose an educational institution based only on the recommendations of friends (the neighbor's child goes here, we will too)

Very often, when preparing to send a child to kindergarten, mothers discuss a lot with each other, with neighbors and friends, and when they are tired of the large flow of information, they rely on their recommendations and choose an educational institution based on their opinion, rather than their own individual needs. In the end, it happens like everywhere: what works for one person will not necessarily work for you, and even more so for your child.

If you have already decided that the recommended kindergarten is worth your attention, be sure to find out more about it. Look for recommendations, reviews outside. Be sure to make an individual appointment and visit it. If you have the opportunity, go to the kindergarten inspection with your child. Already during the first meeting, observe how your child feels in this environment, whether he is interested in it, whether he manages to establish a relationship with children, group teachers or other staff. Watch how the child is welcomed and accepted. Such observations are much more eloquent than all recommendations and opinions. After all, nothing is more important than leaving a child in a safe and harmonious environment, right?

Are you choosing a kindergarten only because their educational methodology is currently the most popular?

Currently, the variety of preschool education institutions is simply amazing. There are countless methodologies that are applied in Lithuanian kindergartens: Waldorf, Montessori, Regio Emilia, Suzuki, the rapidly gaining popularity of STEAM or Narrative game methodology, and outdoor pedagogy should not be forgotten. Most of the kindergartens shout how innovative and what new methodologies their education is based on. But as in heaven, so on earth. Every child is unique and there is no one correct way of education. Be interested, look for what you think will meet your child's needs. The main goal of the kindergarten is to notice the child and give him all the opportunities to grow and spread. It is very important to choose who will contribute to building the first solid foundations of independence and self-discovery for your child.

If a child goes to kindergarten, it is already the kindergarten's problem to develop certain habits and responsibilities

It is a very big mistake of modern parents to think that if they have already chosen a good kindergarten, especially a private one, for which they probably pay a lot of money, it is good. The main task of educators and all other staff is to teach the child EVERYTHING. Yes, the teachers wish only the best for your children. You need to trust them, listen to their advice, maybe sometimes even their fears. But it is not just their business. If you expect the tutors to do everything alone, you will quickly experience disappointment, and later, most likely, dissatisfaction. The only advice is to make friends and cooperate.  

We all want the same thing - a safe and happy childhood haven for your children. Going together, step by step, we will raise self-confident, increasingly independent little people of the world, for whom the fun world of knowledge will slowly open up.

We hope that the path to choosing your first educational institution will be full of fun and friendly experience! A few tips for you, parents!

  • Choose at least a few kindergartens.
  • Pay attention to the methodology and philosophy of kindergarten education.
  • Find out about the competences and qualifications of working teachers.
  • Never make location a priority.
  • Be sure to schedule an appointment at the kindergarten.
  • If possible, go to the meeting with your child.
  • Observe how the child feels on the first day in kindergarten.
  • Don't be afraid to bombard the kindergarten staff with questions. That's the only way you'll find out if you're on track.

Questions that will help you choose the right kindergarten

  • Find out what the rhythm of a children's day looks like?
  • Find out what the group's internal rooms look like (games, bedroom, toilet areas)
  • Find out what the outdoor spaces look like (is there a big yard, what kind of activities are possible in the yard, is it possible to walk safely with the children outside the kindergarten).
  • What items should be purchased before starting kindergarten?
  • How many pedagogues work in the group?
  • Are there additional activities in the kindergarten?
  • How does the kindergarten communicate with parents?
  • What form does feedback take?
  • How many children are in the group and what are their ages?
  • What is the food like in the kindergarten? Is it possible to order food for children with allergies?



If most of the answers to the given questions meet your expectations, congratulations! You have chosen the first educational home for your child.

We, the Pipirai team of private kindergartens, know how sensitive the path is when choosing your first kindergarten. We know how difficult and stressful it is to drop off your little one, but we also know that in preschool, there is nothing more important than being with your child every day. Being together means talking and hearing, teaching and learning, growing and growing yourself. This exchange is the most meaningful part of education. Every night we close the kindergarten door having grown up and learned something, and every morning we ask: "What new will this day bring?"

 We hope that you will easily find a suitable kindergarten for you and your child, which will become the home of a happy, fun and safe childhood.