,,Snail raised his hat offended and proudly answered Pepper:

- I'm in no hurry, Pepper. I absorb every ray of spring. I smell the aroma of summer flowers, and what are my walks after the rain... Long, slow, but not boring at all! When it snows, I watch the children playing outside, sometimes I make a snowman in my hat. I always have time for everything!"

This year we are like Snail and Pepper. taught to be "here and now": when plans melt in your hands, when meetings do not take place, when you do not hug your loved ones for a long time, you realize once again that there is nothing more permanent than temporary. That a lot of things are beyond our control and sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be carried by the flow... which is so strange when we are used to controlling the circumstances instead of obeying them.

This year was also special for our little ones: parents "had time" more and more often, they were next to each other both physically and mentally, we accumulated more Lego castles and read books than ever before. we drew tons of new pictures together, and between the previous calls "hurry up, get dressed, faster, go, we're late", we calmed down and reassured the children more and more often:Today we are not late, because we have all the time in the world!"

After all, when, if not this year and not today, was and is the best time to look at the moon. count the stars out the window, knit socks and look for pairs of gloves. Create a shadow theater. write a family diary, walk in the woods and stop looking at the calendar. This year is a gift for our children. They may remember it as the best time spent with their family, creating the most precious memories they will cherish as they grow up.

We wish you to maintain inner peace, a calm snail's pace even after life returns to normal flow. Walking slowly along the same paths of the park, we often discover new benches, unseen buildings, and meet long-lost friends. When arranging meetings, plans, purchases, calls in our heads, without popping out of scarves and phones, we rarely have the opportunity to give time to each other

May your happiness be hidden in health, home comfort, understanding that everything is temporary. We wish you to discover miracles in everyday life, because after all, those miracles are for each other.

Create a holiday for yourself and the children:

Cooking cocoa with marshmallows; Playing charades;

Reading a fairy tale and finding in it a hero or phenomenon never seen before. search for a photo or video of it online (eg a walrus, lunar eclipse, volcanic eruption):

Count the teeth of the plush crocodile;

Play charades by picturing and guessing the closest people you miss...

Let kids do things they've never done before: wash the floor, dishes, do the laundry, clean the window sills, put on all the clothes hanging in the closet, play mummies and build tents from blankets.

After these games we will have all the time in the world to clean up! :)

Happy Holidays, Pepper! Be healthy!


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